Billogram is a fintech startup whose goal is to transform invoicing from a stale payment request into a shared and interactive meeting place that creates value for both businesses and consumers. In short, we want to move the focus of invoicing from the transaction to the relationship.We’ve recently gone through a successful pivot towards larger companies and today we see ourselves as a ‘B2B2C’ company whose role is to facilitate financial relations between a business and their customers. Our marketing department is doing a great job of spreading awareness and spiking interest for our product, but (and this is where you come in) these companies also need a more tailored and personal approach to better understand how our product benefits their needs.

Senior Key Account Manager

The role.

Your position involves working together with the sales team, approaching and following up with potential customers. You have a broad role, working towards a range of markets, with customized sales processes. We will rely on you to maintain dialogs with a variety of different stakeholders about the Billogram offer. This process can take anything from a few months to a couple of years.

The role requires that you develop a deep understanding of the companies we’re looking to work with, getting to know their needs and motivations. All this while simultaneously educating them about our product, to make the decision-making process easy.

By joining Billogram at this stage, you will be able to impact the way our sales team work, the strategy behind our sales processes, but also the future of the product. You will be asked to report back the needs of prospects to our development and marketing teams, so they can continuously iterate and improve Billogram’s product and messaging.

Who we think you are.

You understand how businesses work — especially large enterprises — and are aware of all the traps, pitfalls and opportunities of internal politics. You know whom and when to approach, in order to ensure progress and successfully reach an agreement. You’re empathetic and care as much about helping our clients, as you care for the future of Billogram.

We think you’re a strategic and goal-focused person, with an entrepreneurial spirit. We hope that your previous experience includes selling complex IT related solutions, as well as a few years of sales work. Since the largest part of our Sales efforts are taking place in Sweden, it’s important that you are fluent in Swedish. 

We believe that you will work hard to quickly build a deep understanding of our product and what we do to help businesses create a better relationship with their customers. You comprehend our vision, long-term goals, and you speak our language.

But most of all, you’re an ambassador for Billogram.

Josefin Johansson
Search Consultant / Talent Manager

+46 706 01 25 86
Staffan Öster
Search Associate

+46 735 39 88 76

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