We show entrepreneurs how accelerate to the next level. We help corporate leaders implement the startup mindset to grow fast again. And by bringing entrepreneurs and executives together, we supercharge innovation for both.

Consulting partner with passion for startups and growth.

We are looking for someone to take the responsibility of growing our growth consulting services. This is a leading position in our team of passionate startup advisors and growth consultants. The ideal candidate has extensive experience from the digital business consulting industry, preferably from one of the leading consultancies, and has been through the journey of growing a consulting business before. 

Why is this role important?

We are expanding our consulting business and integrating it more tightly into the innovation and startup ecosystem of Stockholm. You will have the main responsibility in making sure that this happens and you will be involved in all aspects of running a consulting firm. Once here you will most likely:

  • Use your existing customer network to find new and exciting assignments for our consultants 
  • Recruit new colleagues that are as passionate as you when it comes to generating growth 
  • Drive the the business development of desifer advisory, working with new offerings, marketing and sales
  • Lead new digital business development initiatives for our clients, turning great ideas into reality and revenues
  • Actively seek to find synergies between our startup accelerator services and our advisory services

What do we offer you?

You get to become an integral part of desifer and the Stockholm startup ecosystem, helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to grow their companies. You will have a great freedom in creating this growth. 

At desifer we work hard, but we also believe in the value of pausing, connecting and reflecting together on a regular basis. We encourage our colleagues to bring their whole selves to work, respect the need for work-life balance and allow for autonomy in your career.

And of course, we offer a competitive compensation package. 

Relevant experience and mindset.

  • A strong network of customer relationships within the innovation and new business development functions of Swedish customers giving you the ability to find assignments for our growth consultants
  • Strong consulting selling capabilities
  • Proven track record from building high performing consulting firms
  • 15+ years of consulting experience, primarily within digital business development and preferably from one of the leading management consulting firms
  • Strong leadership skills and able to motivate and lead our consultants
  • A strong passion and interest for entrepreneurship, and is eager to find ways to combine it with consulting
  • A skilled digital business leader, with a proven track record. You know how to use digital technology to create new business and opportunities
  • We value people who are optimistic, collaborative, who take ownership, embrace ambiguity, talk less do more, can learn from failure, and have the want to make others successful  

In this recruitment we work together with Head Agent. For more information please contact Cecilia Brinck or Christine Lacotte Olsson

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