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Management Consultant

We believe that traditional management consulting is broken and that there is a better way to serve clients, develop people and create long-term value. Our delivery model differs from traditional consultancies by emphasizing slow-growing relationships, client expertise and autonomy. If you’re keen to learn more about how we work and what drives us, reach out. We’d be happy to explain how we’re changing the game when it comes to management consulting and how you can be a part of it.

We are looking for a Management Consultant for the start up consultancy firm Kodiak. For a couple of years the founders Magnus and Björn have been running the company together, sharing the same ambitions. They have created a strong client portfolio focusing on helping their clients succeed within digital business development. Their successful track record has created the need to grow the team. Magnus and Björn’s backgrounds from working at traditional consultancy firms urge them to create something different and to challenge the status quo – which became Kodiak.

If you experience, like Magnus and Björn, that traditional management consulting means…

  • Hit-and-run type of engagements where early progress and opportunity for add-on sales are more important than end results and actual impact
  • Everybody pretends to be experts in the name of a full-service delivery approach, even though you have limited experience
  • Lots of non-value-adding time, both in and in-between engagements, writing anonymous proposals, preparing ad hoc slides and presentations, updating status reports and timesheets
  • A rigid and traditional pyramid approach that limits you from reaching your full potential and leverage all your strengths

… then you might also agree with what we and our clients believe:

  • Impact is not achieved through isolated engagements, but rather through relationships that develop over time. By experiencing, firsthand, the organizational momentum and understanding client headspace, it’s much easier to navigate and make meaningful contributions.
  • You need a broad toolbox to be effective. Understanding strategy as well as execution, business as well as technology, solo- as well as teamwork is all required, but you don’t have to be an expert. We rely on expertise found within the client’s organization as well as select partners to ensure we can get into the details without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • Value is measured by actual outcomes and improved client capabilities, not by hours put in or delivered exactly to scope. We roll up our sleeves to deliver pragmatic solutions to our clients’ challenges, either through hands-on execution or culturally aligned strategies and business planning.


  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a Management Consultant
  • Relevant academic education, from e.g. Economics & Business Administration or management.
  • Working proficiency in English and Swedish

To succeed in this role and thrive in our team we believe that you are a fearless person who are social and good at connecting with people. Further on, we align on being curious, openminded and flexible. Teamwork is crucial and highly valued in our organization we are looking for a true team player to join our team.

What we can offer you

  • Meet and support high-caliber clients, solving their most important problems from day one.
  • An opportunity to do varying work where you can grow from a generalist position to find your perfect intersection between generalist and specialist with a profound understanding of the full business spectrum.
  • Work closely with the founders and be a part of shaping the future of how consulting should be done.


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