Business Sweden

Project Leader Born Globals

As part of our Government’s export strategy, Business Sweden has been given the assignment to support so called Born Globals, innovative start-up companies, to faster reach their full international potential. Part of the assignment is also to attract international start-ups to establishment in Sweden. Business Sweden will carry out this initiative in collaboration with SISP (Swedish Incubators and Science Parks) and Swedish incubators and start-up environments.

The assignment is intended to increase the accessibility to foreign investors and venture capital, as well as the network of incubators and other key actors making up the start-up scene.

As the Born Global Project Lead, you will play a vital role in the successful delivery of the program and the establishment of Business Sweden as a renowned and professional partner on the start-up scene.

Lead a dispersed team of members from across Business Sweden

You will coordinate and drive progress in cooperation with key persons within the Business Sweden organization in the delivery of program activities. The program will include setting up hubs in selected international locations from which the born globals are supported on the local export markets, and coordination is key. You will operate in a dynamic, highly international environment where your role is to connect, support and follow up.

Hands on work to design and in the operationalization of the program

Initially you will work to finalize the design of the program strategy and create the plan for its operationalization. You will also be involved throughout the program deliveries in working with the participation companies, liaising with and influencing partners and stakeholders in the eco-system. You are comfortable and enjoy the mix of strategy work and hand on deliveries.

High visibility

You report progress to the Director of Small Business program, and support in the reporting to steering committee and to the Government.

Key responsibilities

• Together with Director Small Business Program/Regional Export Advisors, set direction for the initiative and a plan for how to execute on it

• Manage the project budget and delivery according to project milestones, including e.g., assignment for SISP

• Lead the core team and other participants at Business Sweden, including relevant Regional Export Advisors, offices and Invest

• Work hands-on with selected start-ups

• Liasie with and manage players in the start-up community

• Call for Steering Group meetings and Advisory Board meetings

• Develop and execute on a marketing and communications plan, including promotional activities, workshops, social media, web, etc. to make the initiative well known within the eco system

• Report back progress and results to Director Small Business Program/Regional Export Advisors and support in the reporting to steering group and Government

Competencies and personal skills

As a person, you have strong business mindset and ability to navigate in complex environments with many different stakeholders. You are results oriented, structured and possess strong communication skills.

You are a true collaborator and team player, positive, outgoing and creative and yet humble. You thrive of entrepreneurship and the role to enable and support the growth of these companies. Maybe you have started a company yourself, or have entrepreneurs in your family or personal network.

Required qualifications

• Academic degree within Business Administration and/or Engineering

• Minimum of 5 years of project management experience with a proven track record

• Experience from and strong network and track record within the start-up community

• > 10 years of total work experience

For more information, please contact Cecilia Brinck at +46 736 19 85 15 / or Carolyn Sander at +46 734 25 45 50 /