Vargas Holding

Head of Data Science

Vargas is an impact company that challenges old truths and conventional ways of working. It is our conviction that commercial solutions are a must for combatting the climate crisis. To identify and scale these solutions, we think big. We target hard-to-abate industries by putting innovation, technology and capital to work. We build pioneering companies that accelerate decarbonization. Polarium, H2 Green Steel and Northvolt are examples of companies that we have initiated. 

We are starting our next venture to provide renewable energy solutions directly to European consumers. The experience is still stealth mode, but like all our ventures, it has an ambitious scale. To help us on this journey, we are now looking for a Head of Data Science.

Description of the role

We are looking for you that has data as a part of your DNA. You find satisfaction in sorting, building, and finding solutions in large amounts of data. You have experience from identifying relevant patterns in consumer related data sets, and have developed ways to collect the required information, and systems to use it when developing new innovative products and services. 

You will be responsible for attracting, building, managing, and developing a talented, diverse, equitable, and inclusive team of data science and engineering talent. Being a team player within the Product & Tech team is also essential. We think you are a creative, thorough, humble, and secure leader who inspires your team and the people in the company.

This is an opportunity to be part of Vargas’s next venture and contribute to accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. Incredible learning experience both personally and professionally alongside highly skilled and passionate colleagues. We will offer you a competitive salary and substantial benefits in a fast-growing industry.

Key objectives

  • Led the team through ideation, technical development, and launch of innovative products
  • Develop the required infrastructure, systems, and solutions for the end-to-end data platform
  • Develop and maintain business intelligence tools & query platforms
  • Create and maintain hundreds of data pipelines from our web, app and users
  • Develop algorithms for the smart home (statistical models and machine learning)
  • Secure real time data integrations with many partners across the energy space in Europe
  • Contribute to the overall success of the company by forming part of the product & technology management team

Relevant experience and qualifications

  • Master´s degree or equivalent in the appropriate area
  • Min 10 years of experience in data engineering or science
  • Understanding of solid leadership and building successful teams
  • Highly technical and hands-on skills in data engineering
  • Experience in developing/scaling a large data platform (lake, ETL, illustration)
  • Experience with Python & SQL
  • Experience with traditional/ relational data and managing unstructured raw data
  • Experience with Java or Scale development
  • Experience with real-time processing architecture (e.g., Flink, Kinesis, or similar)
  • Knowing the inner workings of ETL/ELT
  • Experience in Big Data architecture (EMR, Spark, Airflow, Presto)