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Head Agent is one of the leaders within executive search. It is through passionate and tireless work this journey has been made possible, but also above all it is the people that make Head Agent. Engagement starts here.

Naturally we are not all the same, but we rely on the same values, to create value I people’s life – every day. We feel great respect for every assignment and client we work with, and for how crucial the quality of our contribution is for the organization as well as for individuals. Our common ground is that we all feel pride over the responsibility and trust we have been given, and that we will always strive to exceed expectations.

Head Agent

Our mission is to create value in people’s life every day. This is applied on you as a client as well as candidate, and our relationships are always with the long-term perspective and mutual trust. We were founded with our core to be a developing and challenging force in our industry, with a strong focus on the candidate experience. We are all curious, passionate and skilled project managers but we are diverse in our backgrounds and motivators to always ensure we are consultative and can help you in the best possible way. Not to be forgotten, we enjoy each other’s company. We are always looking for new colleagues that want to be a part of our journey – feel free to connect!

People is our passion, and to have the opportunity to affect lives to the better. This influences all initiatives that we do as a company. Vi currently have partnerships with Trygga Barnen, Glädjeruset and always strive to be a greener organization. Most importantly we have respect for the influence we have from an equality perspective and daily we coach clients in their reasonings and decision, always to ensure that the most qualified is offered the position.

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