Head Agent Tech finds and attracts the skills you need - an "extended tech team member" simply. At Head Agent, we have many years of experience in adding skills in the crossroads between technology and business. The competition to attract pure tech and IT expertise is fierce worldwide. We have been thinking for a long time about a solution that offers our customers this coveted competence. We found the answer via our Swedish network in Sri Lanka. In recent years, Sri Lanka has invested in building up its IT skills. Today, they have a large pool of talented developers, but the market is not yet as exploited as the more established Tech hubs.

IT skills in Sri Lanka

There are many benefits to expanding your Tech team with skills from Sri Lanka. There is a small-time difference between Sweden and Sri Lanka (3.5 hours in summer and 4.5 hours in winter), which means that half the working day is shared. Sri Lankan population is generally very good at English, which reduces language barriers. The Sri Lankan culture is very similar to the Swedish corporate culture, which makes the cultural matching easier. We also have a Swedish management on site in Colombo with many years of experience of both Swedish and Sri Lankan culture.

Part of the team. This is not a short-term consulting solution, nor is it an outsourcing model. It is a long-term solution where our employees should feel as natural a part of your team as their own employees. They will get to know your company and your culture. Just like your own employees, they take part in joint meetings and activities. A long-term, cost-effective and at the same time more flexible solution. An extended team member.

Vi är oerhört nöjda med samarbetet. Vi är i en expansionsfas där vi måste kunna agera snabbt med kandidater och Sanna på Sri Lanka både förstår och kan möta våra behov. Vi arbetar med utvecklare från både Sverige och Sri Lanka och vi ser ingen skillnad i varken teamkänslan eller kvalitén, alla känns som en del av vårt bolag - oavsett anställd eller konsult! ”
- Timothy Forni, Co-founder & COO på Baby Journey
The outcome has been far over expectation. Sanna has recruited a very competent developer who fits in the Swedish team culture perfectly. One reason is that the management in Sri Lanka is Swedish, helping to bridge the cultural gap that is common with offshoring. I can highly recommend this Tech service.”
- John Murray, Founder på Protendering
Utan utvecklare på distans hade vi aldrig växt så fort. Så fort vi hade byggt upp kärnteamet av utvecklare i Stockholm, som har kompetensen att hantera systemplattformen i sin helhet lokalt här, ville vi skala upp och ha mer bandbredd i teamet. Och då behöver man sprida ut sig rent geografiskt.”
- Christer Eliasi-Swahn, CTO på DBT
Decent conditions, a prerequisite

You can feel confident that your team member will have fair working conditions. This applies to both working hours, compensation level and joint activities to create well-being. They will be locally employed in Sri Lanka and sit together in a common office. Of course, it creates greater satisfaction to have colleagues around you even if they work for different companies and it also provides benefits. By sitting together, there is the opportunity to help each other and share experiences. We see it as a prerequisite to be an attractive employer to attract and retain sought-after skills and it's more fun too!

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The Head Agent Way

Process Tech

1. Specification of Tech needs

An accurate requirements specification is formulated together with your customer contact at Head Agent in Sweden. It must clearly convey the specific competence that is sought and also the mandate and responsibility in the role.

2. Search

Our Swedish team in Sri Lanka collaborates with selected Head Hunters locally. They seek out and attract candidates with the sought-after skills.

3. Selection and interviews

Relevanta kandidater intervjuas och selekteras utifrån lämplighet för uppdraget och kulturell matchning med ditt företag.

4. Presentation

3-5 candidates according to requirements profile are presented to you as a customer.

5. Customer interview

The selected candidates undergo an interview process, in exactly the same way as you do when you are hiring a person in-house.

6. Offer and employment

The final candidate(s) receive an offer and are employed locally in Sri Lanka. Your new Tech team member is ready to get started.

7. Reconciliation and follow-up

We have a regular reconciliation with the recruiting manager to ensure customer satisfaction over time.

Sanna Khaled
Managing Partner Tech
+46 8 515 140 48

Advantages with Head Agent Tech

Long term

Selected Tech Competence who is employed by us in Sri Lanka will be part of your team and corporate culture.


Great access to relevant IT skills combined with long experience of Search.


Through on-site manager in Sri Lanka, we ensure both customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

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