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The competition among companies to attract the best candidates in Product and Tech is fierce. New technology accelerates societal development, constantly introducing smart solutions that simplify or enhance our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Technology users increasingly demand ease of use and simplicity. Companies that excel in agile work methods, swiftly developing, testing, discarding, and refining their products, are likely to create the most value for their customers. Successfully recruiting modern and up-to-date expertise is therefore of paramount importance for today's organizations.

Head Agents expertise within Product & Tech

For over a decade, we've assisted our clients in staying ahead with the right expertise in Product and Tech. Head Agent has closely followed the development of both clients and the market, enabling us to address both customers' and candidates' challenges in a consultative manner to help them remain relevant. Collaborating with several of Sweden's most innovative companies provides us with early insight into the competencies that rapidly increase in demand and become essential for staying at the forefront. These insights are ones we are eager to share.

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Selection of Tech & Product roles

Head of Product
Product Owners
Product Managers
Business CIO Commercial
UX Designers
Ansvarig Affärs-IT
Information Security Officer
Head of Service Design
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