Outplacement & Coaching

Our overarching purpose is to create value for individuals and organizations in our network. We always strive to build long-term relationships, recognizing that the needs of our collaborations may evolve over time. Head Agent aims to be there as your partner throughout your career, sharing our experience in leadership, career development, and your personal branding for the next steps. Head Agent offers coaching in four different disciplines. These can be combined based on circumstances and goals and can also be integrated into an Outplacement solution. The setup is tailored to fit your specific needs or those of your company.

Career guidance through Head Agent

Recently, the game plan has changed greatly and thus also what the individual needs look like. Many companies give notice and are forced to lay off competent employees. Head Agent are experts in personal assessment, recruitment and the labor market and can therefore guide you forward with our experience. We create a great understanding of your specific needs combined with our genuine passion for long-term value creation for people in our network. At Head Agent, we have senior consultants and certified coaches who are happy to help you, regardless of whether you want to figure out what a possible next career step is or if you are currently without employment. The set up is tailored based on your personal needs.

Coaching as a Service

Coaching is a professional conversation methodology that assists you as an individual in achieving the change you desire. As coaches, we work to empower and develop you, starting from the premise that you have the answers within yourself. We can combine exploratory coaching with career advice or leadership development to give you the opportunity to find the right direction, approach, and mindset.

Engaging a coach allows you to truly take the steps forward that you desire. You gain a conversational partner who actively listens, poses challenging questions, and helps you discover new thoughts, perspectives, and behaviors. You receive support, structure, and feedback in the process of developing both as a person and as a leader.

Help with coaching!
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