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A successful organization needs a strong and diversified board, to run and support the company but also to ensure growth. We put your needs first and together we design and pinpoint the dynamic combination of experiences and knowledge a person needs to fit the role. Board Agent challenges traditional board appointments, which often results in the perfect match being found in unexpected places.

Board recruitment with Board Agent

The business world is characterized by constant change, and often to drive your company in the right direction, the board must reflect the outside world. The competence and skill set of a board must be continuously evaluated and updated. Insight into the abilities and knowledge needed to make the greatest positive difference is crucial. This is where Board Agent can help. With our experienced board recruitment consultants and our extensive network of people, we can guarantee profiles with complementary knowledge and expertise that your company specifically needs. Someone who adds that missing ingredients.

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We feel great pride for our amazing partnerships. Contact us if you are curious about specific strategic roles, we have helped our partners and how, in order to create better environments for growth.

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Benefits with Board Agent


Thanks to our wide network of leaders in various industries, we help you find the right person for the company's board of directors.


With broad industry expertise, people from Head Agent's network can effectively create value at the board level in your organization.


With ten years of experience in assessing and appointing leaders, we can find the board profile that creates the best results.

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