Board Recruitment

Many boards consist of individuals with similar competencies, experiences, and networks. As the external environment changes rapidly, so must the board. It's not just about lengthy experience or relationships when appointing board members. What changes is the company undergoing, and what competencies are needed to address them? All industries are undergoing transformation, and the board needs to be aware of both the company's and the industry's challenges when appointing competencies. Head Agent challenges traditional board appointments with a contemporary approach and a competency-driven mindset.

Board recruitment as a service

The contemporary world is characterized by constant change, and to steer a company in the right direction, the board must reflect the external environment. Competencies need to be continuously evaluated and updated. Understanding which combination of skills makes the most difference becomes crucial. This is where Head Agent comes into play. With our extensive experience in finding the right expertise combined with our vast network of individuals in leadership positions, we guarantee board profiles with complementary competencies. We identify those who bring exactly what is missing.

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Benefits of Board recruitment as a service


Thanks to our extensive network of leaders in various industries, we assist you in finding the right person for your company's board.


With years of experience in personnel assessment and leadership appointments, we find the board profile that generates the best results


With broad industry expertise, individuals from Head Agent's network can effectively create value at the board level in your organization.

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