HR, Finance & Law

The right expertise in these areas gives your organization the right circumstances for stable growth. Head Agent has years of experience and a wide network of candidates within these areas of expertise. We act as your guiding partner who quickly and accurately can find the right skill sets to strengthen your organization, in disruptive change, as well as in compliance.

Head Agent – experts in HR, Finance & Law

We have years of experience from various industries such as fintech, corporate law, banking, and insurance - industries that have undergone major changes in terms of technology, services and requirements. Additionally, we can of course assist you with recruitments across all industries where financial and legal functions are actively contributing to strengthening and developing the business. Our network boasts many strong candidates that have leading roles, such as CFO and Head of Legal, or more specialized roles like controllers, accounting and legal counsels. Finding just the right combination of skills within regulatory compliance and visionary strategic business thinking, to move progress in the right direction, is a difficult and important challenge. We like those challenges.

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Kristina Bågstam Lund
Founding Partner
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