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The right expertise in HR, finance, and legal areas provides your organization with excellent conditions for stable and robust growth. Individuals with expertise in these areas also need to focus on the business aspect, and it's precisely that combination that we excel in finding. Head Agent has years of experience and a broad network of individuals with expertise at both management and specialist levels. We are a reliable and robust partner, swiftly and accurately identifying the expertise needed to strengthen your organization.

Head Agent – experts in HR, Finance & Law

Many industries are undergoing significant changes concerning technology, offerings, and regulatory requirements. We have extensive experience across various industries where HR, finance, and legal functions are closely tied to the business. In our network, we have many strong candidates for leadership roles such as HR Director, CFO, and Head of Legal. Additionally, we've built a robust network of specialists including controllers, talent acquisition professionals, and corporate lawyers. Finding the perfect balance between structure, regulatory compliance, and strategic business thinking is a challenging yet crucial task. It's precisely the kind of challenge we both enjoy and excel at.

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