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In an ever-changing business climate, flexibility is key. Companies need to have specific competence and experience, particularly when facing critical times of change. All while simultaneously as continuously strengthening the organisations long term position. Head Agent’s extensive network of consultants allows us to offer an Interim Management solution to this problem. A safe and successful solution which aids clients that may find themselves in this predicament without compromising their culture.

Interim Management through Head Agent

There are major business advantages to being able to quickly alternate skill sets where temporary employment is the perfect solution. Head Agent Executive Interim, with our expertise in Interim Management and extensive network of consultants offers temporary recruitments across several industries. Our solution meets our clients´ need for specific expertise for a specific time frame. There has been a shift in the recruitment market, and we have seen that an increasing number people are leaving traditional employments to start their own consulting businesses. We act as a strategic partner to our clients in the ever-growing gig economy. It is a strong complement to our recruitment business

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Selection of clients

We feel great pride for our amazing partnerships. Every assignment is unique, please contact is if you wish to here about additional references and how we with our large network can help you with interim solutions as an addition to recruitment, or as a well chosen organizational strategy.

KRY, Webbhälsa AB
Bambuser AB
LeasePlan Sverige AB
Unibail Rodamco
& Other Stories (H&M)
H&M Hennes & Mauritz
Perrigo / ACO Hud Nordic
Trustly Group AB
Landshypotek Bank AB
Zmarta Group

Our Process

The Executive Interim Way

1. Detailed description of the mission

The profile of demand should convey the consultant’s tasks, responsibilities, previous experiences as well as the personality traits that are required. The thought timespan and commission level for the assignment should also be specified during this initial discussion.

2. Mapping & Search

The mapping is based on the profile of demand in order to ensure that the best suited candidates for the mission are contacted. The consultant always proceeds with a combination of profiles in their own network as well as Head Agents’ established network. This is complemented with profiles who are specifically searched for the mission. Initially, your organization and the role are marketed. In addition, the consultant’s suitability, availability and commission level is ensured.

3. Assessment

The consultants who are deemed to be most suitable for the mission are chosen and presented. The selections are based on the consultant’s previous experiences, competence and personality traits as well as availability and commission level.

4. Contract

Executive Broker signs contracts with two parties. A contract for the mission is constructed with employer. Another contract is constructed with the consulting company that the employer has selected for the interim mission. All the consultants that we have been in contact with regarding the mission receives feedback.

5. Evaluation

We continue even when the mission has begun. Having a continuous dialogue with the employer as well as the interim consultant during the whole process is important to us. We make sure that both parties feel valued by each other. It is also common that the mission is extended and in certain cases it can lead to a permanent employment.

Victoria Heigard (fd Gillberg)
CEO Executive Interim
+46 703 00 61 50

Benefits of Interim Management


With our experience and expertise, we can guarantee skill sets to strengthen your organization – on the basis of a timed, specific need as well as long-term.


Access to many experienced consultants with high expertise.


Solutions and strategies that deliver clear, measurable results.

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Please connect if you are a candidate within interim solutions.