Talent Acquisition Services

We are able to act as a recruitment consultant directly inside your organisation by offering an on-site talent acquisition solution. A solution that will help strengthen your organisation with new skill sets and expertise on site. A combination of our Executive Search approach, with the flexibility created by working directly in your organisation. Your company decides the time frame in which you can use our expertise on site and strengthen your organisations with new skill sets and expertise.

This is Talent Acquisition with Your Agent

Through Your Agent, we offer our lengthy experience of Executive Search, but in this case directly inside your organization. Your Agent can act as a more individualized and present recruitment partner, or to a specifically tailored solution for the most challenging recruitments. The scope of the assignment is entirely based on your needs but even the level of experience or specific competence of the recruitment consultant. Our recruitment consultants experience covers all industries together with their collective and ever-growing network of candidates allow us to be able to cater for any potential lack of skills in-house. There is also no need for your company to have an established recruitment team for Your Agent to be able to help you. Your Agent can help whenever needed even if you are by yourself and just need some temporary help.

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Selection of clients

We feel great pride for our amazing partnerships. Contact us if you are curious about specific strategic roles, we have helped our partners and how, in order to create better environments for growth.

BabyBjörn AB
Trustly Group AB
Business Sweden
Vattenfall AB
Zmarta Group
SkandiaMäklarna AB
Matsmart Scandinavia AB
NK - Nordiska Kompaniet

Our process

The Your Agent Way

1. Specification

At the start of the mission, a meticulous profile of demand should be formulated together. The profile of demand is supposed to convey the authority, responsibilities, tasks as well personality traits of the role.

2. Mapping & Search

The mapping of the market is based on the profile of demand in order to ensure that the best suited profiles for the mission are contacted. The consultant always proceeds with a combination of profiles in their own network as well as Head Agents’ established network. This is complemented with profiles who are specifically searched for the mission. At the initial telephone interview, your organization and role are marketed, in addition, the candidate’s suitability for the role is ensured.

3. Tight dialogue

During the process, actual profiles and profile directions are discussed for continued search. The purpose is to confirm that the consultant is on the right track, challenge you regarding competence background and eliminate irrelevant profile directions. This is also an opportunity to ask questions that have emerged during the search process.

4. Assessment

We are your ears towards the candidate market! The most relevant and interested candidates from the mapping will proceed to an interview after careful selections made by us. We put a lot of focus on behavior and personality traits. In certain setups, you as a customer have the ability to proceed with in-depth interviews while the consultant continues the search of more relevant candidates, depending on your needs.

5. Finalisation

The mission proceeds according to the contract. We provide a recruiting consultant according to agreed time and occupancy. If there still is need of recruitment after the agreed timespan, the mission can be extended further.

Pontus Andersson
CEO Talent Acquisition Services
+46 735 13 05 78

Benefits of Your Agent


Our thorough search of the market guarantees that we find the best candidates for you.


Take part in Head Agent's expertise in search, and candidate networks, and get help with any challenges.


Your Agent provides the opportunity for ongoing dialogue in the recruitment process, on site.

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