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Through Executive Search, we attract and recruit the right talent for your organization. Head Agent always strives for a deep understanding of your specific needs and corporate culture. Through our consultative approach, we challenge you to think outside the box and tailor the optimal solution for your specific requirements. Our starting point is our strong and constantly updated network combined with comprehensive market mapping for each new assignment. With solid experience and a keen sense of intuition, we find the right person, in the right place, at precisely the right time. Our passion and expertise lie in finding the perfect match for both parties. This creates business value and long-term success.

Executive Search as a service

Executive Search involves conducting thorough market research to identify, locate, and attract the most relevant candidates for your company and the specific position. Our strong network combined with systematic mapping of industries and companies ensures that we seek out the best available talent in the market right now. In addition to securing the right expertise, we equally focus on cultural fit. Values, motivations, and leadership style should align with both the task and your corporate culture. A prerequisite for success in Executive Search is close dialogue, transparency, and mutual trust among all parties involved in the process.

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A selection of partners

We are highly proud of our excellent collaborative partners. Please contact us for further information or additional references pertinent to your industry.

Finansiell ID-Teknik BID AB (BankID)
Business Sweden
EF Education First
AMF Pension
Peak Performance
Vattenfall AB
Spendrups Bryggeri AB
Scania Group
Perrigo / ACO Hud Nordic
Hultafors Group

Advantages of Executive Search as a service


Solid experience and proven processes combined with a strong network. We ensure and take responsibility for the entire process.

Business Value

Expertise in filling business-impacting positions. We deliver individuals who have a positive impact on your business growth.


Forward-leaning and proactive with a distinct challenger mindset. With a strong passion, we find the right person for your organization.

The Head Agent Way

Our Executive Search process

1. Specifikation of profile

As a start the creation of a thorough profile is executed together, using a competence and behavioural method. The profile will clearly state the roles mandate, responsibility and tasks, and in addition the specific competences and personality traits required.

2. Mapping and Search

A mapping of the candidate market is executed with the purpose to ensure that candidates with profiles most suitable for the assignment are contacted. We always work with our established network, in addition to our relentless search beyond the network specifically contacted. During the first telephone interview your organisation and the role is marketed, and the first selection occurs.

3. Workshop

The dialogue and cooperation is always frequent during the process, but as an addition a workshop is performed halfway through where discussions to ensure alignment with the with the responsibilities. Together we ensure we are on the right track and at the same time challenge the profile as well as eliminating experiences that don't fit. It is also an opportunity to give you valuable information on the response from the candidate market as well as questions from our end.

4. Assessment

The most relevant and interested candidates are chosen and called to an interview. Head Agent work with a competency-based methodology based on the created criteria of the profile. Here a deeper understanding for the candidate's skills, drivers and performance is developed. In addition, behavioural and personality traits are discussed and evaluated according to cultural fit and responsibilities.

5. Presentation

You are guaranteed to receive minimum 3 candidates that we recommend for a first meeting with you based on our evaluation and experience. Head Agent will organise all contact and administration regarding interviews and project management the remaining part of the recruitment process.

6. Confirmation

As a standard, Head Agent always confirms the impression and evaluation of the candidate with 2-3 references. If requested tests are performed. Certification with Assessio, Hogan and Cut-e exist.

7. Finalisation

The final candidate signs the contract and we are present to consult both parties. We feedback all candidates that have been in contact with us during the process. After 3 month we conduct a follow up with you as well as the recruited candidate.

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