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Head Agent has many years of experience in helping our clients identify and recruit relevant candidates with skills from within sales and other commercially driven roles. We understand your increased recruitment challenges and that there is growing an ever more complex competition within sales. Along with increased customer demands. With us you will find a strong and enduring partner who understands your challenges and puts your specific needs and objectives first.

Recruit commercial roles through Head Agent

Head Agent has a deep understanding and wide experience when it comes to finding commercially business-oriented candidate profiles. This allows us to help create business benefits for our clients. Head Agent has gained wide experience within Executive Search throughout the years, regardless of title or placement within the organisation. Additionally, we are constantly working to develop our current network of candidates with relevant and up-to-date experience. This results in that we are always at the ready to aid you swiftly and continuously in strengthening your organization.

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If you want more information or have questions regarding sales and commercial roles you are very welcome to contact me.

Jesper Svärding
Partner Executive Search
+46 763 16 58 79

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