Lendo AB

Country Manager Denmark

Lendo is the leading loan broker in the Nordics and the global media group Schibsted’s fastest growing fintech asset. Schibsted has a strong focus on personal finance, and its portfolio also consists of companies such as Compricer, MittBolån, Hypoteket & Kundkraft. All personal finance companies share the same goal: to help people take control over and improve their finances through user friendly digital services that bring transparency and give advice. As a result of Lendo’s stand out performance and high growth in recent years, we are now planning to enter new markets.

We are now looking for a star that will launch Lendo in Denmark! As a country manager in Denmark you will be ultimately responsible for all of our activities on the market. With a proven concept, product, central support and strong financial backing the conditions for success are there. You will be in charge of setting up the organisation, and you will have the budget to recruit a strong team from day one. As a country manager you will report directly to the Head of New Markets in Stockholm, and be a part of the international New Markets team.

In order to succeed in launching our Danish operations you must be passionate about working with digital services. You must also be entrepreneurial: to us that is someone who gets things done, who sets ambitious goals for him/herself and goes that extra mile to achieve them. As the first employee of Lendo in Denmark the initial focus will be product development, signing partners and dealing with ad-hoc practicalities such as finding office space. In order to enjoy the journey and deliver results you must thrive in uncertainty while being able to stay focused on the goal.

Main Responsibilities. 

  • Successfully launch Lendo
  • Adapt the product to local market needs
  • Define the product vision
  • Design a smooth user flow on lendo.dk and specify requirements to the tech team
  • Sign bank and/or lender partnerships
  • Set up and implement a marketing & PR strategy
  • Install 1st line customer support
  • Ensure all operations comply with local legislation
  • Build a local organisation
  • Recruit a highly capable and agile team
  • Shape an open and winning culture
  • Make Lendo in Denmark profitable

As a person we want you to be a doer, entrepreneurial and someone who wants to participate in a journey. You have to be enthusiastic and compassionate. A certain amount of flexibility is important but the most important thing is that you are business minded and commercially skilled.