BBH Stockholm

Senior Brand Strategist

We’re a strategic design firm tailored for the age of mobility. We work in the intersection of business, cultural insights & digital innovation and are fuelled by an obsession for true value creation. We operate in tight, cross-disciplinary teams and work side-by-side with our clients to develop experiences that tie corporate objectives with human needs and desires.Through our seamless process where strategy, design, and technology meet we become fast and agile in the decision making. Thus, increasing quality while reducing cost.As proud as we are to design stellar services it doesn’t mean much without people using them. Through our deep understanding of online logics and user behaviour we always secure how to activate and grow the services and products that we design. From day one.

We are seeking a confident strategist who has the ability to tailor their strategic approach to any given situation. During your career to date, you will have been exposed to a variety of strategic techniques and this solid strategic foundation will enable you to develop your own strategic toolkit. You’ll need to be very strategic as your focus will be working upstream with concepts and models across a variety of sectors – creating the foundation upon which our advanced system of services and digital products are designed. 

You’ll lead client relationships as well as play an important role in helping to identify new opportunities with existing/new clients. There is an important element of leadership in the role, helping to introduce new techniques and mentoring less experienced team members. You’ll need to show gravitas with clients, strong commercial sensibility and be someone who works best when collaborating with a team. We are looking for a talented strategic and creative thinker who is well versed in research methodologies, has experience of macro trends, innovation techniques and the world of brand. Your career to date will demonstrate your consultancy strengths, impact on clients, entrepreneurial nature and creativity.

This is a rare and unusual opportunity for a senior strategist to make their mark in an international environment, joining a stellar team of strategists, designers and creative technologists, to produce their very best work.

Required skillsets and experience

  • Minimum 5-10 years of experience in a similar role
  • I can design and manage an original method for primary research
  • I can develop a framework for innovation that guides the creation of new insights/ideas
  • I can keep a team of strategists, service designers, partners, and clients focused on-task and excited about their role in a complex project
  • I can proactively communicate with clients, prospects, partners and candidates to generate a winning outcome
  • I can overcome challenges during a presentation and turn objections into a deeper understanding
  • I can get more out of an individual or team, people go above and beyond when they work with me
  • I can participate in a deep, thoughtful conversation with a senior client about any part of their business
  • I can identify and create proposals for existing clients, driving it to sign off
  • I can create and advise on the ideal plan for a project and commercial implications

For questions about the role please contact:

Karin Bergström, or Sofia Norén,