Haglöfs AB

Head of Sourcing & Development

A century ago, 1914, in Torsang, Sweden, a forester’s son named Wiktor Haglöf designed and assembled a backpack for local workers. From that humble start in a farmhand’s cabin, the company he founded has become one of the largest suppliers of outdoor clothing, hardware and footwear in the Nordic region, Europe and Asia, and a member of the ASICS® family since 2010. We believe in our products. At the very heart of Haglöfs are our designers, outdoor enthusiasts and former professionals themselves, who develop concepts based on the needs of real users today and tomorrow. Every seam and zipper, every strap and material receives careful consideration. The result is a strong product, built on technology and experience, ready to face a host of challenges. Haglöfs’ products reflect our core business concept, to be a responsible brand, meeting modern demands for users who invest in an active outdoor lifestyle. We believe that quality is something to be developed, and we strive to reach new heights, offering products with a high degree of functionality, good design and value. Our vision is to be a leader in the world markets, not only in the technical outdoor area, but also in sustainability. Our values are – Curios – Reliable – Proud!

As Head of Sourcing & Development at Haglöfs you have the overall responsibility to lead and develop all of Haglöf’s product development and production supply. This includes setting quality standards, quality assurance, fit and shape, sourcing and delivery and negotiation of cost prices and agreement of terms, in line with the company’s long-term strategies for product development and profitability. You have a management responsibility for the Technical department team, a headcount of 13, that consists of: Pattern makers, Developers, Materials team and Buying.

The position is situated at the Haglöfs Head office in Kallhäll where you will report directly to the Product Director.



  • Lead search and selection process for Clothing manufacturers and build and nurture long-term profitable and well-functioning relationships with competent and financially healthy producers.
  • Continuously analyse, evaluate and improve Haglöf’s manufacturing base and different regions / countries to develop Haglöf’s sourcing strategy to achieve long-term optimal profitability. Deliver safety, quality and necessary technical skills, as well as achieving Haglöf’s goal of environmentally sustainable production and socially responsible practises.
  • Develop consistent and mutually profitable forms of cooperation with all manufacturers, who, through robust internal processes / routines and shared tools, provide Haglöfs with maximum transparency, control and knowledge of cost-building for each product.
  • Overall responsibility for each season’s cost price negotiations and ensure that proper and secure internal communication is conducted with stakeholders.
  • Ensure Sustainability issues are addressed in production-related CSR issues, such as planning and monitoring of audits and CSR screening of potential manufacturers.
  • Ensure continuity of supply avoiding and resolving any technical issues as they may arise.

Product Development

  • Overall responsibility for developing Haglöf’s products from design idea to finished product with regards to best function and quality and of manufacturability of designs.
  • Manage critical path and development process to deliver the range on time, in full, meeting margin targets and to the correct quality standards.
  • Ensure the processes in pattern making and development deliver the principles of best fit, style and comfort appropriate for the brand.
  • Cost engineer products in an appropriate manner suitable for the customer base and continually strive to reduce costs.
  • Ensure that the internal development process ensures cost-effective and commercial product development and that each prototype and sales sample is retained in a library for sourcing reference.
  • Collaborate with Design Manager so that deliveries Manage the process through Design to Development to ensure right first time creation of prototypes and effective use of resources to deliver the best consumer product.
  • Develop tools and processes for internal pre-costing (for prototype ordering) to ensure the targets are set for price, margin and product performance, and provide clear feedback to Design and other product managers if the product will miss the target.
  • Responsible for approval of products as ready to purchase (”buy-ready”) in time for production ordering.


  • Manage the Material team so that the right materials, trims and accessories are available to the manufacturers in the right time, quantity and quality and are held in an approved library.
  • Source new materials to meet the requirements of design.
  • Overall responsibility for product standards that require external sign off e.g. Gore-Tex.

Technical Standards

  • Responsible for establishing and ensuring the delivery of appropriate Technical standards for the brand by implementing the correct processes and procedures to deliver quality premium outdoor clothing and managing the sourcing and delivery of products
  • Ensure continuity of availability of key technical skills e.g. Pattern making – developers are available for the Brand.
  • Overall responsible for developing Haglöf’s FIT of products and that it is consistent and appropriate for the target consumer, and the various fit standard shapes are used by activity /product type.
  • Supply of Haglöfs IP is maintained and protected for business continuity and establishment of standards e.g. Pattern blocks are held securely by activity, Mountain v Outdoor etc. and that staff are trained to correctly use these standards.

Production Planning & Delivery Security

  • Ensure that the Purchasing Department receives accurate information about lead times and production minimum for efficient and accurate production planning.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure processes are executed that ensure quality of design and quality of conformity throughout the total supply chain, managing inspection services at source.


  • Manage the execution of the sustainability strategy and internal standards for compliance.
  • Provide information internally and externally to comply with regulations and to educate and manage consumer expectations.


  • Have a relevant academic education preferably from Textile Engineering or Textile Economy.
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience from working with outdoor/sports garment/accessories development, production and sourcing at a senior level.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of the related manufacturing landscape.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ proven leadership and coaching skills. Experience from leading a production, design or pattern team.
  • Experience from working in a global setting with strong internal and external stakeholders.
  • Fluency in the English.


  • Strong drive and results orientation with a hands on approach. Have a strong ability to shift between strategic and executional areas of work.
  • Good communication skills and well developed English, both written and spoken.
  • Strategic mindset and ability to deal with ambiguous or complicated situations.
  • Cooperates with ease across the organization, including members of the management team, peers and subordinates.
  • Well-developed analytical and administrative skills – organized and efficient.
  • Are a strong leader with the ability to lead and inspire employees, delegate tasks and develop team members working with feedback and coaching
  • Down to earth personality with an prestigeless approach to work.