IT Business Analyst

Bisnode, a leading progressive data and analytics company in Europe, is building a brighter future using smart data. We have more than 2,100 passionate and curious employees who collaborate in 19 countries using analytics and scoring models to predict customer behavior, deliver remarkable insights, and ultimately find innovative solutions to enduring problems. Bisnode – data to drive you forward.

Bisnodes’ data is the core of our offering and excellent data is our key competitive advantage. A cornerstone of Binodes’ strategy is our ability to collect, match, enrich, analyze and integrate data. Looking ahead, Group Data will have a strong focus on strategic initiatives aimed at making all our data, throughout the group, connected, consistent and easily accessible.

The role

We are looking for a candidate who are passionate about the possibilities of Smart Data, that wants to be a part of shaping today’s most exciting industry. As IT Business Analyst, you will act as a catalyst and activator to enable us to raise our competitive position in our data offering. 

There’s a consolidation project going on at Bisnode, with migration into a modern platform and creating a common data structure for all 19 countries where we operate. You will collaborate with many different stakeholders at Bisnode.

To succeed in this role, you need to be a doer with a great sense of responsibility for completing tasks. But also, someone who has a problem-solving attitude, through a creative mindset. You communicate efficiently in both Swedish and English.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Manage and perform data related investigations and pre-studies, both individually and in teams. Investigations concern for example our data, our current IT platform functionality, how to transform from legacy to our new goal architecture, information security, compliance and other issues.
  • Active contributor in projects, assuming roles such as project management, expert and requirements analysis. Data related projects concerning new development, maintenance, product and customer specific issues.
  • Working as a link between our tech organization and the Group Data organization handling data.

What we are looking for

Your personal qualities are paramount to be successful in this role. To us the right person, with the right attitude, is the most important. We like you to possess a high level of personal ownership, able to manage high pace in a dynamic environment, while you leverage yourself in collaborative activities across Bisnode.


  • Relevant university degree in for example Statistics, IT, computer science or economics.
  • Experience from digitalization/automation projects.
  • Experience from being “the bridge” between daily operation and IT.
  • Experience of independently manage assignments and following deadlines.
  • Having genuine interest for Machine Learning/AI/RPA, or equivalent.