UX Lead Corporate & Cash Management

About the value stream and SI#7

Corporate & Cash Management is the value stream that caters to our corporate customers. Our primary digital channels are the corporate internet bank and the corporate app, and that’s where most of our UX efforts in the value stream are concentrated. The value stream consists of four cross functional agile teams. Employees are located both in Sweden and the Baltics. All teams have at least some of their employees at our headquarters in Sundbyberg.

Strategic Initiative no 7 (a.k.a. SI#7) is an initiative run partly within the Corporate value stream. The overall aim of SI#7 is to improve digital self-service capabilities and enhance the cash management offering to increase corporate customer satisfaction and stay relevant for our corporate customers and attract new house bank clients. SI#7 is run together with a third-party supplier and a substantial number of the people involved in SI#7 will be employees of this third party. This goes for designers as well. SI#7 is, as the name implies, strategically very important for Swedbank and it’s a large undertaking.

Your role

You will take the lead on UX matters in SI#7 from Swedbank’s side. There will be many parties involved in this initiative, including a number of designers, some of who will be from a third-partyn agency. You will coordinate all design work within the initiative and make sure that it lives up to Swedbank standards.

  • Lead and mentor UX designers within the initiative, providing guidance and advice in the performance of their individual functions
  • Plan, coordinate and prioritize UX related activities within the initiative together with other stakeholders
  • Coordinate UX activities across values streams together with other UX Leads
  • Support the initiative with knowledge and experience in methods, activities and ways of
  • working to deliver user centered solutions and applying a Design Thinking mindset
  • Make sure that the initiative has defined and communicated KPIs related to User
  • Experience
  • Make sure that the initiative is following Brand and UX guidelines
  • Make sure that third party designers adhere to the Swedbank Design System and that all
  • designs are well coordinated with other design deliverables within Swedbank
  • Ensure that the agreed upon UX deliverables within the initiative are delivered on time
  • and with the agreed level of quality
  • Inform fellow UX Leads and UX Designers of the relevant parts of what is happening
  • within the initiative
  • Ensure that design deliverables are always reviewed by other designers before finalized
  • Make sure that solutions created within the initiative are validated with end users
  • Ensure that UX activities are estimated, represented and updated in the backlog/plan for
  • the initiative
  • Support UX Team Managers in estimating needed UX resources within the initiative
  • Escalate risks or problems to UX Team Managers related to colleagues, working
  • environment, ways of working or deliveries within the initiative
  • Plan and lead relevant forums where designers in the initiative can meet, share
  • knowledge and support each other
  • Participate in different Scrum ceremonies when needed

We think you’ll need

  • Experience from well-functioning agile and design driven organisations
  • Experience in leading people and projects
  • A certain level of seniority that we think corresponds to around 7-10 years of experience in a
  • design and/or digital development field
  • A capacity to navigate large, complex projects with a multitude of stakeholders
  • A capacity to take charge, tackle problems and get things done
  • An eye for great design and a willingness to pitch in doing actual UI/UX designs if needed
  • A propensity to be well organized
  • Great communication skills