Metaforce AB

Head of Growth & Marketing

About us.

Metaforce is the leading Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform in Sweden. Close to forty percent of all insurance companies in Sweden, and quite a few other big and small organizations trust on our technology and expertise for their daily mission critical customer communication.

The digital transformation is changing everything – including the CCM-business. Soon paper and envelopes will vanish and so will the need to transport them by planes, trains, and trucks. The positive impact on the planet will be great. But the impact on our customers’ ability to maintain a meaningful, personalized dialog with their customers will be even greater. By reducing the friction in the customer dialog our customers improve CX and saves vast amounts of time and money.

Building on our experience of personalized communication and advanced CCM-technology, we are developing the next generation of CCM-software software and services. This new, easy to use CCM-platform utilizes advanced, high security SaaS technology that will enable our customers to migrate from expensive, one-directional, paper-based communication to; virtually free, zero-emission, lightning speed, smooth interactive, data-driven customer communication.

Being able to provide communications that are personalized, on-brand and compliant in all channels is a major competitive advantage for all organizations with many individual customers – particularly in the financial industry. So, the market for our new platform – CenterPoint is huge.

The platform.

There are several USP’s with the CenterPoint CCM-platform, the most important being that it lets our customer build and run automated customer dialog processes in an easy and uniform way. CenterPoint handles the whole dialog life cycle; from automatically formatting on-line interactive smart-forms and responsive documents; to notification, e-signatures and resilient archiving. We are leveraging a PLG-strategy to make CenterPoint easy to use in order to reach the international market.

Your mission.

Metaforce board of directors has an ownership directive that outlines a path for an IPO on a suitable stock-exchange before the end of 2024. In order to reach this goal, we must grow rapidly. Your mission will be to lead this growth working closely with the rest of our highly dedicated team. Reaching your goals will mean that you will become eligible to participate in our bonus and option-program.

About you.

As Head of Marketing and Growth you really know all the page in the SaaS-playbook. You and your team are responsible for all aspects of growing Metaforce. From building brand awareness to customer acquisition using digital channels; to on-site conversion optimization, through to retention and loyalty building activities using Marketing Automation.

You are an experienced growth hacker with an international background who truly loves the strategical and creative challenges of scaling a SaaS company.

  • Proactive and ambitious with a strong drive and high level of ambition
  • Business-oriented with a focus on growing internationally
  • Entrepreneurial with a can-do attitude
  • Confident and mature leadership with the ability to motivate, engage and create trust in different parts of the business.
  • High integrity and the courage to challenge others
  • Strong analytical, strategic and operational ability to solve complex problems and communicate them in a way that others understand
  • Strong team player who is passionate about creating results and success through collaboration
  • Established network in the marketing business
  • Academic degree in Business Administration, Marketing or similar
  • Masters very good English in speech and writing

Relevant experience.

  • Experience from global tech B2B2C company, preferably SaaS with an international scale up agenda
  • Experience from Product-lead Growth in an international environment
  • You are a “swiss army knife” with deep knowledge in communication, brand awareness, digital marketing and data-driven analysis, inbound-marketing, retargeting and growth hacking
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience from a similar role
  • Successfully initiated development, streamlining and improvement in operations with a strong focus on customer orientation and customer offering
  • Very good business understanding and insight what drives profitability and different business models
  • Solid experience of building processes and structure
  • Documented successful leadership experience
  • Experience from Salesforce AppExchange is a big plus